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Todd RoweHave you heard of Homeopathy?  Well recently I’ve been hearing more and more about this form of alternative “Green Medicine” as some would call it.  I have friends that swear by it and a growing market that agrees.  Homeopathy is the second most common form of alternative medicine in the world today as it is natural, holistic, environmental friendly and cost effective.  It is the fastest growing version of holistic medicine.  This natural solution serves as a boost to the immune system and is based on fundamental principles that have been used effectively in healing for thousands of years. These principles help to make homeopathy a distinct system of health care and guide the practice of homeopathic medicine while it opens up the industry to a holistic viewpoint.  


It’s evident that the medical system today is failing, change is needed, as medications are so expensive.  So is holistic medicine which is 1/3 cost of traditional treatment the answer?  


Dr. Todd Rowe president and founder of the American Medical College of Homeopathy had a vision and was determined to see it come to pass. He has been a doctor of medicine since 1984 and a graduate of Rush Medical School, Chicago, Illinois.  He achieved Board Certification in Psychiatry in 1992 and completed his homeopathic training at the Hahnemann College of Homeopathy in Albany, CA. 


Dr. Rowe’s path would soon cross that of Dr. Lauri Grossman a licensed chiropractor/Laura Grossman

homeopath and founder of the Homeopathy Cafe, who quickly became one of American Medical College of Homeopathy’s top teachers.  The Cornell University graduate who received degrees from the New England School of Homeopathy and the prestigious Hahnemann College of Homeopathy in Berkeley, California was making a name for herself in this emerging field under the direction of Dr. Rowe.  


American Medical College of Homeopathy was paying Dr. Grossman an attractive salary, but a large portion of that was used for her travels from her home in New York to Arizona to teach the course, as well as hotel accomodations.   It wouldn’t be long before the economic crisis arrived and quickly began reducing student enrollment.  At that time a new strategy was birthed to meet the needs of consumers.  


The question was how can we make this grow when people have less Dr. Rowe explained.  The solution was not to wait for the economy to turn, but instead meet it head on with a real solution 


In 2009 Dr. Rowe implemented a new way to do business, a new way to teach and a new way to learn and the economy was the driving factor. This ground breaking process improvement allowed the school to not only save money but increase revenues by opening it up to students across the water using technology.


How you may ask is Dr. Rowe doing this?  The answer came right on time in the form of an asynchronous format that allows students to participate in the courses offered at the school in Arizona from anywhere in the world. The difference with this format compared to traditional on-line schools is that it is fully interactive.  It allows students to view the classroom live, participate, ask questions and really be a part of the learning process.  


This new online platform created by Dr. Rowe started in Feb/March of 2009 and has exploded as more people are interested in this growing trend in medicine due to the economical restraints of our nation.  For some, practicing homeopathy medicine is a 2nd or 3rd career.  For Dr. Grossman this was a life saver as she was able to expand her teaching to reach those who would have normally passed on the chance to study with such a prestigious school due to travel expenses.  Dr. Grossman could save time and money by teaching courses from her home in New York while students tuned in via the web.   


A shift in the economy created more opportunities for those looking to explore another career path by providing new students with an option to go to school in the comfort of their own space.  A revolutionary solution birthed in the midst of a declining economy has proven to be the cornerstone of success for Dr. Todd Rowe and Dr. Lauri Grossman.      


Both Dr. Rowe and Dr. Grossman are very passionate about their work and delighted at the  success of being able to provide a good service for so many good hearted people within the homeopathy industry.   It’s all about seizing an opportunity when you see it.  Dr. Rowe saw a chance to make a difference and because of his determination to see his school succeed despite the economy faired very well for the American Medical College of Homeopathy and Dr. Grossman.  Future plans for the American Medical College of Homeopathy are to have the first full time homeopathic medical school by 2011 and by the looks of the body of work it’s going to be BIG.


5 With Clyde Break-Away’s

  • Don’t compromise quality
  • never make any assumptions, 
  • solicit feedback from your clients and in this case your students.
  • Embrace technology 
  • For some this new recession trend can be beneficial and lucrative when you are able to think outside of the box.  


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92 responses to “Economy Inspires Creative Solutions for an Emerging Profession

  1. Hi Clyde,

    Not only am I familiar with homeopathy, but also the great work of Dr. Lauri Grossman. And you hit the nail on the head: “holistic medicine… is 1/3 the cost of traditional treatment”. Why wouldn’t we be exploring natural modalities like homeopathy, naturopathy, Oriental Medicine, etc. if they work as effectively or better than conventional medicine AND cost less, both now and in the long term?

    My team and I have actually created a simple “ensurance plan” to help all of those who seek and pay for these alternative therapies out-of-pocket. It’s called the “Holistic Option Ensurance Program”, or “HOEP”. For $75 per year, individuals and entire families can get 20% off of each and every visit to approved HOEP Providers. I encourage you and your audience to take a look at Let us know what you think!

  2. Dr. Nancy Gahles

    As President of the National Center for Homeopathy, a non-profit open membership organization, I can attest to the fact that homeopathy is a consumer driven healthcare option that people are asking for and utilizing in mumbers more significant than ever before. Our organization is 85% consumers. They are looking for information and skill sets to utiilize this safe, affordable, effective form of medicine. Dr. Rowe’s school is in the vanguard of creating more practitioners to be available to serve the needs of this population. Dr. Grossman has been an excellent teacher of homeopathy to health care professionals for many years. Bravo to them and best wishes to carry forward their goals. We, at the National Cnter for Homeopaty support them and work collaboratively to advance the agenda of seeing homeopathy as a choice in mainstream healthcare.
    Dr. Nancy Gahles

  3. Mauro

    About 15 years ago I tried Homeopathy out of desperation. My “conventional” doctors had effectively given up on healing my chronic skin rashes, that I had battled since birth.

    I was fortunate to have found Dr. Laurie Grossman. She saved my life in a matter of weeks. (Doctors were concerned that I would go into cardiac arrest from the severity of the rashes which covered my body). Today I look normal.

    She also worked a miracle on my son. After several ear infections in the first year of his life, my wife (a skeptic) finally conceded to let her treat him. That was 10 years ago, he has never had another ear infection, and is in general a very healthy kid.

    Dr. Grossman is my go to doctor for everything. She has helped me in many other situations including a couple of motorcycle accidents. She is truly amazing.


    Dr Lauri Grossman was also featured in the WSJ this week for a wonderful effort she did for her own community-click on the link and you will be inspired by this wonderful holistic soul!

  5. kate plumb

    Absolutely I use homeopathy, chiropractic and acupuncture. All my dental work; bone grafts with sinus lifts, gum surgery and root canals are done with arnica and hypericum. I have never used a pain killer. They work beautifully and I have no side effects. Thank you

    • Natasha Lewis

      Homeopathy is the hope for the health of humanity as it is the only scientific form of medicine that does not overdose the body. It is as much a miracle as the birth of every baby and accepting it as common sense because of its efficacy is the only natural thing to do- I absolutely use only Homeopathy which has made myself and my family healthy and happy. No longer being a lifetime customer of the trillion dollar drug companies has been a liberating experience. Unfortunately, not only will some people never experience true health through Homeopathy, but some may never even hear the word Homeopathy in their lifetime- I had to wait 34 years before I did!

  6. Kristin Linder

    Working with Dr. Grossman last winter has dramatically changed (i.e. vastly improved) all aspects of my life.
    As a runner, I first encountered an article by Lauri on “Cell Salts” in a specialized running journal. She responded to my query to her email, listed in the article (which surprised me).
    That began what, for me and my entire family, has been a transformative experience in terms of the health (body & mind) benefits of working homeopathically.
    My usual bi-monthly sinus infections are down to one/two yr., and have only come after concentrated periods of extreme physical and emotional stress (intensive training for a race, hard physical labor as a decorative artist, on top of my husband being diagnosed with cancer, and a prolonged period of unemployment).
    In spite of these challenges, by working homeopathically with Dr. Grossman I have maintained my physical and mental health at a very high level, continuing to work, train, and pursue alternatives with my husband as we struggle with the impact of the recession/depression on our family.
    By using remedies for the past 8-10 months I have maintained a 50% (or more at times) reduction in the anti-depressants I have been on for many years, kept of a high energy level, maintained a stable household in a time of crisis, stayed sober for my 25th year in AA, turned 55, and am successfully on target with training for my first marathon while I continue to pursue my career as a fine artist/mural & decorative painter. All without allopathic medications (exception noted) or antibiotics, supplements, etc.

  7. Patrick Hesselmann

    Great article on homeopathy – which is a great alternative for those who choose it. I have and it’s done wonders for me. If you don’t know a homeopath and are trying to find one, a good resource is the National Center for Homeopathy’s website –

  8. David Gold

    I have suffered from chronic depression for years, and was tired of taking pill after will with no results so I gave Homeopathy a shot. Needless to say a year later I have never felt more healthy and stable in my life. I have recommended Homeopathy to many friends and family members who have all experienced similar results. All one needs to do is give it a chance and you will see the results for yourself!

  9. Darlene Atteberry

    Thank you so much for your thoughtful words about homeopathy, Dr. Rowe and Dr. Grossman. Three years ago, my homeopath of twenty-five years told me she thought I’d be interested in Dr. Rowe’s plans for the American Medical College of Homeopathy.

    I did my research and talked with Dr. Rowe and have since served on the AMCH board of directors and currently chair the fundraising committee. I volunteer my hours because homeopathy has kept me incredibly healthy for all these many years. I am now 64 years of age and use none of the many meds I hear my peers discussing. I love and appreciate the lack if side effects and the gentle way homeopathy heals my total being.

    Finally, I experienced a terrible fall last week when I tripped and fell on my face. This happened while I was 500 miles from home. I had immediate examination from a local doctor; discovered no serious breaks, but severe bruising of tissues and bones. I’ve treated myself fromy homeopathy emergency kit and two weeks ahead of the healing rate projected by the doctor and without any conventional pain medication.

    Blessings from homeopathy fill my life and those of my loved ones. Please consider this healing modality if you have not and if you have, look at the AMCH website and give us your support!!!

  10. Mary Fago

    Homeopathy has changed my life!

  11. Deb Pratt

    My grandfather was an MD and practiced homeopathy. That was the only medicine given to me as a child. I am so pleased to see that it is returning again. My sister also practices homeopathy, but she lives in another state. I really wish there were more in Florida where I live. Presently I depend on what my sister can send me via the mail and what I can purchase at a local health store. Please, lets see more of this made available to all of us.

    • Claire

      Hi Deb,
      I also live in Florida and know a good homeopathic physician and also use homeopathy myself. Everything you need is available online at several websites. You can also order homeopathic travel kits that have the major remedies for common problems and they are small/compact and great to have when traveling. I am in Tampa. Also, the National Center for Homeopathy is a great resource and group to be a member of and they help people learn and understand homeopathy no matter where your knowledge level is. They are also trying to increase public awareness of this wonderful form of health. Blessings, Claire

    • Ann Herren

      Deb, you are very fortunate to be living in Florida where there are many excellently trained homeopaths from the Florida Academy of Classical Homeopathy. The director of the school is Ann Jerome. You may go on the website and will find that now the Academy has expanded its teaching to a 4 year course that will be easier to access for anyone who wants the most excellent foundation in Homeopathy. You could find a homeopath nearer to you by inquiring on their website, or going to the directory of homeopaths on the website for the National Center for Homeopathy.

  12. bella

    We took our first child to a homeopath when he was two. Now over thirty years later homeopathy has been our lifetime health plan — it’s safe, no deadly side-effects and it’s cheap. No kick-backs from the drug reps to our homeopathic doctor will convince her to give us something! Our children made it to adulthood with no antibiotics and they now successfully use it with their own families. Even the Queen of England has always had her own homeopathic doctor and I have read she travels with her remedies all over the world.

  13. Rose Gerstner

    I began using homeopathy at the birth of my daughter in 1981. It is a wonderful system of medicine that actually builds health instead of simply suppressing disease. I am grateful for it, not just because it’s inexpensive but also because it has helped me and my family maintain good health.

    I’ve often heard criticism from conventional doctors that it works by placebo effect. I think this is over-simplification but on the other hand, if placebo keeps me healthy and helps me rid myself of colds, back aches, bruises and headaches, etc, why in the world would I use stronger drugs laden with side effects?

    If people discover the benefits of homeopathy by seeking alternatives in our health care crisis, it could be a very positive development. Homeopathy is one of many planks including diet and exercise, that have the potential to lead our country to health.

  14. Christine Jahnig

    Homeopathy is the greatest blessing I’ve ever had in my life. The results of two head injuries along with emotional trauma forced me to give up a 22-year career with IBM. No amount of conventional medicine helped. With homeopathy I have recovered completely and now have a full life including caring for my 93-year-old mother and the enjoyment of my work as a potter. I’m now being treated for fibromyalgia with a great reduction in pain and beautiful, healing sleep.

    I’ve found homeopathy to be equally great for acute illnesses and injuries — sore throats, colds, warts, poison ivy, — and dental work.

    I agree wholeheartedly with Darlene Atteberry. Blessings from homeopathy fill my life!

    • Christine,

      Was the use of the Leptospirosis nosode in Cuba published? If so, can you provide the citation so that I may access the article?

      Eric Udell, N.D.

      • Christine Jahnig


        I have only seen a notation that it is to be published. You most likely know the report given by Didi Ananda Richura appears at and at the NCH web site.


  15. alice

    Homeopathy is fantastic, and i truly hope people will learn about it and be able to use it in future in our Country..I hope freedom will be afforded to all of us to use whatever type of health care we desire.
    Homeopathic physicians who treated flu patients in the Flu pandemic of 1928 were 95 percent effective in curing those who came to them. This is how effective this alternative form of medicine is. People should know about this as something they can do which is safe, rather than have to be forced to take vaccinations, which have not been proven to be 100 percent absolutely without harm to the human organism. I have used Homepathic medicine for 38 years. I had to have many dental extractions and used homeopathic medicine both before and after the extractions, and had little problem with bleeding or healing of gums and mouth. Also little pain.
    Yes, i admit to taking two tylenol..but that is all, for a whole mouthful of extractions. And i probably would not have needed that if i had gone to a proper homeopath.. I just did not know what medicines to use other than the ones in my homeopathic first aid kit.( which , for me, has always been sufficient and excellent for whatever has ailed me over the years)
    thank you for the great article (and comments also.)
    alice from NY

  16. Air

    After 9 months of tests the allopathic doc finally told me I had an auto-immune disease. I had many symptoms over the years, but since I do not take drugs (only in emergencies) and after doing research learned the drugs did not heal me, I tore up every prescription the doc wrote. I didn’t want to mask the symptoms, I want to heal my body and keep it healthy. I swear the doctor are more drug pushers than healers. I have gone to alternative medicine, herbs, and homeopathy and am alive today to tell you I feel better now than I did 15 yrs ago when I was diagnosed.

  17. Bayard Bastedo

    I’m glad you’re taking this up. I’ve used homeopathy for many years. I started by looking for a remedy for poison ivy, which I found.
    It’s a viable alternative to regular medicine, and deserves publicity.

  18. Jamie Kleimperer

    since starting to use homeopathy 20 years ago, i stopped getting yearly respiratory infections, and have found using homeopathic medicines usually effective for occasional acute conditions; arnica is a wonder drug that everyone should have on hand! dr lunden in santa fe has been a lifesaver

  19. Myrna Merron

    I was enticed into homeopathy about 15 years ago by a friend who raised four children, now middle-aged, on homeopathy. Now in her 80’s, my friend is still healthy, vigorous and smart so I gave it a chance 15 years ago and I’m still giving homeopathy a chance. Homeopathic remedies and an excellent MD homeopath have helped me through physical and emotional problems.

  20. Shirley Hyssong

    I have used remedies successfully on and off for 20 yrs. I started with local talented instructors who had study groups and my interest grew from there. Arnica has been effective in so many cases for my family and
    myself. Many other remedies I have used.
    I encourage my daughter and granddaughters to us homeopathic remedies
    before going to the doctor. We truly need more homeopathic practioners available.
    I will always use alternative before allopathic. Have not used antibiotics for years. Herbs, homeopathic, Bach flower
    essence, massage, reflexology, exercise and
    proper diet all help me with my health.
    October I will be 75 yrs. old and I continue
    to work with my health thru above practices.

    Homeopathy can be very useful for SWINE
    FLU as well as other types of flu.

  21. Lisa

    Homeopathy has changed my life and my health. I used to have chronic bladder infections which would not respond to traditional methods. I was told that I would “have to live with it”. Since homeopathy, these issues have not been a concern. My daughter has experienced the same turn-around and no longer has chronic ear infections since she has been treated homeopathically. Homeopathy is a profound and deep healing medicine.

  22. Eileen Klinck

    In 2000 a homeopathic remedy cured migraines I had for forty years, with no return since. Since then I have studied homeopathy to help family, friends, and pets. I am much healthier than nine years ago.

  23. Mary Ann Lynch

    I am a big fan of homeopathy as well as nutrionally based approaches to improving health. Though I was raised in a family with a great deal of skepticism about non conventional forms of medical treatment, it has been an amazing journey of discovery that lead me to homeopathy and nutrition. Although it seems counter intuitive, that’s only because we’ve not been exposed to this type of thinking. Having experienced the effects of homeopathic treatment on myself and others, there is no question of its effectiveness, even in those who don’t believe it will work.

  24. ronda

    Hi Clyde,

    Homeopathy helped me when I had been injured in a car accident (rear ended). I had a concussion with headaches for 3 years.
    A single dose of a homeopathic remedy administered by a professional got rid of those headaches. I have continued to use homeopathic medicine for various conditions ever since; sometimes alone & sometimes in conjunction with traditional medical care. For example, if I broke a bone,
    I would take a remedy for trauma, pain & swelling and go to the hospital emergency room for xrays & a cast…the homeopathic component would help me think more clearly, be in less pain & keep the bruising & swelling to a minimum ultimately hastening my recovery.

    I have even studied the science of homeopathy for 5 years, but that is a drop in the bucket for what is necessary in order to pass the exam & practice as a professional. During that 5 years , I have seen videos and read many case studies where homeopathy was able to help people when traditional medicine was exhausted.

    Access to homeopathic care is very important to me as well as many others around the world. Please help us maintain the right to the liberty to pursuit health & happiness through this vital venue.

  25. I have successfully used and benefited from homeopathy for the past 22 years. My children were raised using homeopathic medicine and that is how I have treated my animal patients as a veterinarian for the past 21 years. Homeopathy is a system of medicine that works, it cures, it’s cost-effective for patients, and is without the side-effects of chemical based medicine. Thanks for spreading the word.

  26. Kathy Brinkman

    Over the last 40 years working as RN in a variety of settings and rearing 2 children I have discovered that mainstream medicine often has an “attitude”. Despite the fact that many chronic conditions do not lend themselves to an easy fix, the option of homeopathy is seldom recognized. I have sought homeopathic help from my MD and over time have learned on my own what to do for simple injuries, respiratory symptoms, GI upset etc. I recognize the limits of my knowledge of this system and would seek help from a professional when needed. Homeopathic remedies offer most of us relief from our symptoms seldom found elsewhere or used in conjunction with traditional medicine. I have never experienced side effects. This doesn’t always have to be an either or response. So I would invite the medical profession to broaden it’s view to include homeopathy as well as other complementary healing such as massage, feldenkrais, nutrition, and more. Together we just might improve our system of health. And it would be less expensive.

  27. I practiced emergency medicine for 15 years, then went to homeopathy school and now am treating patients successfully with problems that conventional medicine could only paliate. Some patients come to me because they cannot tolerate the side effects of their conventional drugs. Homeopathy is gentle, safe, effective and much less costly than conventional drugs.

    Conventional medicine has its strengths as well as its weaknesses. We should embrace the strengths of both systems of medicine and revolutionize medicine. Homeopathy would have a strong cost saving impact on the health care system and make health reform much more realistic not only in cost — also in quality of care.

  28. Hi Clyde,

    Homeopathy is a very interesting and result oriented field. 90% of people go with good feeling in their body and mind after doing Homeopathy for minor to major problems. As they feel healthy and their pockets are still good with money. I started believing Homeopathy after seeing good results with my Mom after her brain tumor surgery. She started seeing from blindness as a result of brain tumor surgery. She became normal person without any strong medicines or chemo. It is almost 20yrs. Hail and healthy. Me and my family use just Homeopathy from labor to general health. Now many people claim the same astonishing pleasant results with Homeopathy for their health and their loved once. It is economic, fast and very gentle in action. I appreciate your efforts in giving good opportunity to people to know about their best option of Health.

  29. I heard about Homeopathy in the early ’90s when my young son had recurring ear infections, which became more frequent with round after round of antibiotics. One dose of the right homeopathic remedy administered by a professional homeopath and they never happened again.

    I learned to use homeopathic remedies myself for my family’s colds, flu, bumps and bruises, and learned that in doing this, I was also building up natural immunity (and it’s way cheaper than drugs). After that I decided the career for me, in the second half of my life, would be as a professional Homeopath. Four years of school later and diploma on the wall from the School of Homeopathy New York, I’m helping people heal on a deep level, thanks to the amazing training I received — and at age 59.5 years, I’m personally healthier now than I have ever been.

    Thank you so much for writing this article. There are people out there who don’t understand the efficacy of this art and science and pass it off as quackery with no basis in science. There is a ton of scientific documentation out there, and when you experience the effect of a remedy yourself or observe the transformation in another person after receiving a well-prescribed homeopathic remedy, it will turn your head around.

  30. Mercedes Barnek

    I first learned about homeopathy in the late 1980s and I have been using it since then for both acute and chronic conditions. Homeopathy works very gently, effectively and, often rapidly, to promote healing and a greater sense of wellbeing. Animals that I have observed after using homeopathy exhibit the same results.

    Thank you for providing this blog,
    Mercedes Barnek

  31. I am an internist and homeopath. For people who are serious about their health I use homeopathy and make them better in a very deep way. For those who just want quick relief for whatever discomfort they have at the moment and don’t care what happens later, I am reduced to using conventional medicine.

  32. Priscilla Selsam

    My family has been using Homeopathy successfully for 12 years now. We were sold when it cured asthma in three days, with a $7 remedy and no side effects. Among my family and friends I have seen it cure everything from bleeding fibroids to chronic arthritis. It breaks my heart when people I care about are suffering but are afraid to try Homeopathy because “It sounds too good to be true.” All new scientific breakthroughs sound “too good to be true” when they are first discovered. Invisible X-rays printing pictures of our bones, air travel and space shuttles, the internet, and before we understood germs, even doctors preventing infections by washing their hands before surgery once seemed “too good to be true.”

    • Placebos are getting stronger. Sugar tablets cure a great many diseases. It is remarkable. So anecdotal tales of the success of drinking water or snake oil will always be myriad.

      But in blind tests, Homeopathy, snake oil and faith healing fail to exceed the results of a Placebo. Maybe it is because they wash the Placebo down with water, and water “remembers” substances that were once present in it. But if *that* were the secret of the power of Placebo, it would work every time, because **all water is one**. That is, virtually all of the water on this planet has been around since day one, recirculating through the oceans, lakes and rivers, as well as through various bodies. The water you drink from your local bottler has, at one time or another, been in some ocean (and all oceans are connected and are thus one big ocean), some plant, some animal, and most likely, in some human body.

      Do you not see that if water remembers the unquantifiable “spirit” or “energy” of every substance encountered, however dilute, then ALL WATER remembers EVERY substance.

      “Like cures like” is specious and not scientific at all. Homeopathy is not science, just an example of the Emperor’s Clothes.

      The upside is that as long as the Placebo Effect holds, and even increases power, charlatans will inadvertently do much good.

      So in Britain, the government pays for all kinds of nonsense, simply because that nonsense gratifies the human need for the comfort of *anything* administered in concern. Is an illusion that helps always benign? No. But until the real solutions are provided, one can be forgiven for passing out a bit of false hope now and then, and more so, if the hope itself proves curative.

      • Christine Jahnig

        There is a large body of high-quality scientific lab and clinical evidence supporting homeopathy which can be seen at the web site of the National Center for Homeopathy.

        It has been used with much greater success in saving lives during epidemics of scarlet and yellow fever, cholera and typhoid than conventional medicine. Most recently Cuba used h. nosodes to defend against leptospirosis in a group of 2 1/2 million people. The results? Infects down from thousands to 10 or fewer a month. Deaths down from hundreds to zero. This work was carried out under the auspices of the Findlay Institute which is WHO approved.

        H. is the second most used system of medicine with tens of millions adherents around the world because it works–on all levels, mental, physical and emotional.

        Homeopathy is well known for achieving cures in all types of chronic illnesses. Its history is replete with such cures.

        Currently work being done by renowned scientists at Stanford, Cambridge, Princeton U and Penn State show us how water can carry memory. Luc Montagnier, virologist and 2008 Nobel prize winner, has just published his work on high dilutions.

        Homeopathic remedies are prepared with alcohol which isolates the specific natural substance being made into a remedy. Thus, other materials in water are not an issue. It is also prepared using double-distilled water.

        Anyone who finds homeopathy has a friend for life!

      • So are you saying that when you add alcohol to water, it “forgets” the “energy” stored in it from being in contact with every other substance it has ever been in contact with?


  33. kim wahl

    I have used homeopathy for over twenty years. I cured my oldest daughter of asthma in a few months and she has been well for over twenty years. my youngest daughter has never had an antibiotic or over the counter medicine ever in her life, she is twenty one years old. All of us who now the history of homeopathy know who and why this form of healing is not mainstream.(AMA) The main point here should be to empower people to understand the true meaning of health. Homeopathy is a wonderful tool because it address the emotional, physical, and mental symptoms of a person. Traditional medicine only wants to suppress or mask an issue in the body or control it with a drug(for a life time), homeopathy will restore the body back to a balanced state so it can work properly. I would love to see the people of America embrace a true and safe form of healing and real quality of health, so we can spend our quality time & money enjoying our family & friends. The truth is America is one of the only country were homeopathy is looked down on because here big drugs companies run our government, and if we healed people then they would not need their drugs. With all the talk about our health care reform how about getting people involved in their health with some simple tools they can use to heal themselves. In my life homeopath has been life changing for me it was cancer, I work as a homeopath and have seen hundreds of people change their quality of life with homeopathy.

  34. Barbara Dively

    Our family has been homeopathic for over 15 years so we don’t need other medical products or services. This would cut our national health bill by at least 75% – fewer medications, fewer doctor visits, fewer hospitalizations along with much better health. Each family should have their own beginner book and a kit of remedies – about $150 for 100 remedies. Medical doctors should be required to have at least a layperson’s proficiency in homeopathy. This would speed healing, decrease time lost from work and school, and reduce suffering. Once you take Cantharis for a burn, Apis for a bee sting, or Hypericum for a finger that has been hit by a hammer, you will understand the magic in these little white pills.

  35. barbara bason

    I discovered classical Homeopathy in 1981. Since then my two sons and I have received our medical treatment with a homeopath. One son, by age 4, struggled with non -stop sinus and throat infections and was continually on antibiotics. T & A surgery along with sinus surgery to scrape the sinus cavities, and more antibiotics, continued his slide to even poorer health. Homeopathy rather quickly and very gently restored his vitality, his health. Infections and poor health very soon were history. He did not need antibiotics nor did he need to continue to take a homeopathic remedy on an ongoing basis. He was well. He is now 36 and has had an antibiotic once, recently, in the last 28 years. Our younger son suffered from ear infections and constant nasal discharge by 6 weeks in spite of being breast fed. By 9 months he had tubes inserted in both ears and was put on steroids. He, too, was given many courses of antibiotics. By age 3 he was asthmatic and had bouts with asthmatic bronchitis. The roots of his susceptibility ran deeper than his brother’s so it took longer to get to the root of his problems and to rebalance him physically, mentally and emotionally. He has had no ear infections, no respiratory problems, no illnesses requiring antibiotics or drugs in the last 22 years. He has had injuries and poisonous bites that were all treated successfully with homeopathy. I am now a practicing, accredited homeopath and enjoy helping my daughter in laws understand how to use homeopathy at home for simple, acute illness and trauma. Homeopathy gets to the root cause of a person’s ill health, to their susceptability, rebalancing them on all levels thereby restoring vitality and health. Homeopathy does this gently and without the undesirable effects of conventional medicine. By allowing the the person to be less susceptable, Homeopathy is the best preventative medicine. It is safe and effective for all ages; during pregnancy, labor and delivery; and safe and effective for animals.

  36. Paula

    Homeopathy is the way to go.
    I was steered to a homeopath when my son was six months old and my Dr. wanted to give him a steriod for exzema! NO! He was a baby…I went to my local pharmacy that carried homeopathy and found Kim Wahl…what a God send! She gave me Urtica Urens for his condition, used it for a brief period and never saw it return!
    She has been my go to and friend for 14 years now!
    Unless there is an extreme, immediate condition that MUST be resolved another way, homeopathy is my “drug” of choice. Why use a chemical compound when you have a natural, cost effective solution!

  37. Alex Heffron

    I am 20 years old and I am currently a student of homeopathy in the UK. I was fortunate enough to be brought up with homeopathic treatment since a very young age.

    Homeopathy is a medicine that most importantly works, is cheap but most of all it is individual. It treats us as the individuals we are, and this leads to its great results. Homeopathy is the future of health care worldwide. It is the perfect balance of an art and a science.

    Thanks Clyde for this fantastic article, its great to see some unbiased reporting in the mainstream.

  38. Barbara

    I have used homeopathy for over 30 years. Homeopathy cured a troublesome rash I had for 3 years. It is a system of medicine that is gentle and free of side effects. It is also cost effective.

    I have encouraged family and friends to use homeopathy, and they, too, have had good success using it.

  39. Barbara Brosenne

    Homeopathy has been a tremendous help to me and my family for over 35 years. You can buy the remedies over the counter at your local health food store any time and they are very cost effective.

    My grandkids ask for Arnica when then take a tumble and feel much better after their mom gives them a dose.

    We used Oscillococcinum during last year’s flu season when we felt the first signs of the flu. None of us came down with the flu.

    Remedies are so affordable.

  40. Andrea Eccard

    I have used alternative medicine for my own health for 30 years. Homeopathy has helped me stay healthy on a physical and emotional level. I am a lot happier and more at ease in my life because of homeopathic treatment.

    4 years ago I started to train in homeopathy in California and just graduated in June. I am continuously inspired to see the changes homeopathy facilitates, not only in restoring and maintaining physical health, but also in helping to overcome struggle and in finding new direction and purpose in life.

    Studying homeopathy has been the most inspiring and exciting thing I have ever done. Rather than taking a pill to get symptom relief, homeopathic remedies in a way catalyze our own healing response. Our life-force can then address the imbalance from the inside, resulting in true healing. This makes real sense to me.

    I look forward to many years of being in practice and helping people heal with this gentle, natural method. I hope more and more people will discover the gift of homeopathy. It has changed my life!

  41. Barb

    Our family has been using Homeopathic remedies for over 20 years. It has saved us much pain, healed our mental and physical injuries, kept us healthy and saved us lots of expense.

    Homeopathy stopped my daughters from needing a lifetime of asthma medication, removed my husband’s need for inhalers, eradicated my migraine headaches and allergies, assisted me through surgery from a ruptured appendix and assisted the healing of a broken arm, bee stings, peri menopause, assisted my daughters with menstrual issues, healing from an industrial sewing machine needle through the fingernail, a head banging when a sofa tipped over, and the time she walked into a lamp post while on a walking tour.(Kids- thank goodness for Homeopathy!)

    My physician who is an MD praciticing homeopathically isn’t getting rich having us as patients, but he started studying and practicing because he wanted to help people get better. What he learned in the traditional school-conventional medicine wasn’t doing that.

  42. Mark Perry

    I cannot imagine life without homeopathy. Allopathic drugs can be useful as a stopgap measure for managing a problem, steroid inhalers for asthma, for ex., but they cannot cure asthma. However, homeopathy can in principle cure a disease like asthma because it does not just treat the modalities (such as shortness of breath), but the underlying cause (what is called a miasm in Hahnemanian homeopathy), the roots of which can go across several generations of a family, being retransmitted up the genetic tree, sometimes skipping a generation, but never leaving until cured. Homeopathy is the only medicine that I know of that can actually renew the genetic terrain so that chronic disease that breeds there can be eradicated. And compared to the astronomical price of allopathic drugs, homeopathy is tremendously affordable. I don’t think we will make any real dent in our health care crisis unless we manage to improve health of people in general. No medicine is better suited than homeopathy for preventing disease, or for possibly reversing it once it has been detected.

  43. Candy Proctor

    I have been a lay practitioner and personal beneficiary of homeopathy for 27 years. In both acute and in long standing chronic complaints, homeopathy is unsurpassed in its efficacy. Indeed homeopathy offers the real possibility of cure rather than mere palliation.
    Thank you Clyde for this opportunity to sing the praises of Homeopathy!

  44. We’ve been using homeopathy as a complement to allopathic medicine with ourselves and our pets for several years with great success. In some cases homeopathy has helped where conventional medicine was unable to do so.

    Bach Flower Remedies are another form of alternative medicine, similar to but different from homeopathy, that are also very useful for treating emotional imbalances in people and animals.

    Don Hanson BFRP, CDBC, CPDT
    Bangor, ME

  45. Debbie Ventura

    Thanks, Clyde, for your excellent post! I discovered homeopathy after I was diagnosed with a serious illness for which my doctors could offer no treatment that wasn’t as bad or worse than the illness itself. Now I’m completely well, drug-free, and healthier than I have been in all my 42 years, thanks to homeopathy.

    Here’s a recent anecdote: this summer I tripped and fell on a sidewalk, face first, while carrying an armload of painting supplies. As I fell, I somehow twisted (perhaps to cushion the fall) and hyperextended the entire right side of my body. When I could finally move enough to get up, I limped inside and took two doses of homeopathic Arnica in the 200c potency, 10 minutes apart. Less than 30 minutes later, I had no pain, save for the big bloody scrape on my knee! I didn’t bruise at all, and was never even sore from the fall. Not the result you’d get with an OTC pain med!

    Homeopathy is a safe, gentle, highly effective form of healing, and I’m thrilled I found it.

  46. Bara Waters, MHom, MSW

    Why wait for government reform of a broken and often ineffective medical system when you can take charge of your own health and save dramatically on health care costs by using homeopathy? I am a homeopathic physician and educator who has personally experienced the miracle of homeopathy as well as taught it to others for almost 20 years. There is simply not enough space here to describe all the “miracles of cure” that I have either assisted with or witnessed over these many years, but it certainly is gratifying to see homeopathy starting to come into its own here in the U.S. after a century of being vilified by mainstream medicine in the interest of dominance and dollars. As author Dana Ullman points out in his compelling book, “The Homeopathic Revolution,” on why famous people and cultural heroes choose homeopathy: “Despite significant skepticism by conventional physicians and 200 years of savage attacks by mainstream medical organizations and institutions, homeopathy has survived (and is now thriving!) because millions of people have benefited from it!” That’s the bottom line. Once people try homeopathy and discover for themselves how effective it is, there’s no turning back. When something works as simply and elegantly as homeopathy does—whether it be for a minor acute ailment, a deep and chronic disease or a life-threatening condition—it’s only a matter of time before the groundswell becomes a tidal wave!

  47. Sue Mills

    I was so impressed with homeopathy that I went back to school to become a Classical Homeopath! I can’t begin to tell you all I have seen in my clients and in my own family. Even our family pets have been greatly helped.

    I honestly don’t know how people handle the stress of sickness in their home. With homeopathy and herbs, our children have never had one ear infection, round of antibiotics or a trip to the emergency room. Our kids are now 20, 18 and 16. That’s 54 years of success in one family!!!!

  48. I love homeopathy– it cured my allergies and helped me to relax. I became a practitioner– and I enjoy helping others get well– mind, body and soul.

  49. Begabati Lennihan, RN

    I have been using homeopathy for 30 years — for myself, family members of all ages, even my cats, and it works amazingly well. I never go to a doctor. My health care costs are a fraction of the average person’s. Homeopathic remedies do not cause side effects — in fact they cause side benefits! People who take them report that they feel more energy, more enthusiasm, sleep more deeply, things like that. I would highly recommend it to anyone — including to President Obama for inclusion in the national health care plan! It’s so inexpensive, so effective, and so non-invasive, it could be the answer to the financial crisis facing our health care system.

  50. Claire

    I discovered homeopathy when my son was six years old and had been on antibiotics for 5 1/2 years for recurrent ear infections. One visit to a homeopathic physician and his ears have been fine. In the 12 years since then, I have since studied homeopathy and use it with my family, friends and clients with great results. It is a wonderful, scientific form of medicine that has been in existence for more than 200 years. I find western medicine has a very narrow focus, is costly and has poor result outcomes. Homeopathy should definitely be included in any form of health reform in this country! Health insurance reform should also include coverage for other forms of health care such as homeopathy to name one. If you want to see the power of homeopathy, check out the website See what homeopathy can do for autistic children!

  51. Inger Madsen

    It is great to see so many positive comments on the use of homeopathy and even better to see it get widespread publicity. It is, of course, a very valid healthcare choice but one that seems to be subject to smears from pharmaceutical companies. Thank you for raising its profile.

  52. Debra

    We believe that homeopathy saved my life. Of course, we can’t PROVE that, but the evidence is pretty strong. Beyond that, we have since grown to use it over the years with unfailing success in ever-broadening ways – not only with ourselves, but with our numerous ‘rescue’ pets. The trouble is – people don’t understand it, and so consider it a ‘voodoo’ type medicine. Personally, I find homeopathy to be one of the most sophisticated approaches to health around. As one other poster put it … why would anyone NOT consider trying it, when it reliably treats symptoms SAFELY (rather than covering them up), without side effects — and at a much more affordable cost.

  53. Marcia Brown

    Our family has used homeopathy as our primary medical care for 18 years. In that time we have only needed to resort to conventional medicine on one occasion. Our three children are healthy, well adjusted young adults and my husband and I, 54 and 59, and also in good health. We have found it useful for ear infections, influenza, injuries, hayfever, gastrointestinal problems and for helping us emotionally. Because of the results we saw with homeopathy, I decided to study homeopathy and am now a practicing homeopath. I have seen homeopathy heal many ailments with no dangerous side affects. It is also much less expensive than conventional medicine and actually heals the underlying condition.

  54. Caryn

    I’ve seen first hand the amazing things homeopathy can do. I don’t wish to restate the many comments already provided extolling the benefits, only to say that I’m blessed to have my sister, an amazing practioner, provide the help she has to our family.

  55. Tracy Poff

    I was the biggest skeptic of “alternative” health treatments just 3 years ago. I relied on my doctor, our pediatrician, and our dentist to give me the best information. Then, after we learned that our then-3 year old daughter was suffering from heavy metal and chemical toxicities, which manifested in social anxieties, we embarked on a new path. In short order, that path led us away from conventional doctors and medicine (since their answer was psycho-therapy and drugs, and they failed to see the connection between the immune system and normal neurological functioning), and into the arms of “alternative” medicine. I put that in quotation marks because to me, food and natural substances should not be labeled as alternative, but rather, primary and fundamental. Nutrients (from food, herbs, plants, animals) and homeopathy brought our daughter back to us–these things–not drugs and therapy–healed her immune system, and accordingly, the neurological manifestations thereof. Homeopathy has also done wonders for our son, relieving him of a formerly angry disposition.

    Homeopathic remedies have resolved my husband’s back pain, cured my bladder infection, and stopped potential brain swelling when our son fell 5 feet from a ladder. I can’t believe that it took me until I was in my 40’s to see the light. Thank you, homeopathy.

  56. Stephen Dominguez

    It is a horrendous tragedy that the orthrodox medical establishement is resistant to endorse Homeopathy as a safe, and effective mainstream medical modality. In fact, they have gone to great lengths to attack and discredit it’s already proven successful legacy from it’s beginning. I wonder how many people must die before the medical industrial complex upgrades it’s Newtonian based paradigm and integrates Quantum physics science into a new way to practicing medicine to enhance health. Homeopathy offers this opportunity. Orthrodox (Flat Earth) medicine, on the contrary, has made the human body a battlefield for wars on disease disregarding the health and integrity of the whole person. All the while, they commodify and patent diseases into a profit driven monopoly of medical genocide upon society. This is bankrupting the nation. Medical costs continue to skyrocket while failing to prevent the spread of new and more dreadful diseases. The USA is ranked 37 worldwide in quality of medical care while spending twice as much money as anyone else. Homeopathy costs infinitismally much less to produce, and it’s effectiveness is legendary worldwide. It saved mulitudes of people during the pandemics of the past, and it can do so again in the present. Let’s get the word out about Homeopathy and encourage everyone to give a try. It does no harm to try, and people will find out if it works or not.

  57. My wife and I are naturopathic physicians who specialize in homeopathy. We run a practice that includes 3 other naturopathic doctors who also specialize in homeopathy. We have the great privilege of witnessing on a daily basis the power of homeopathy to transform illness into health.

    In our work with patients we have watched homeopathy accomplish everything from the mundane to the nearly miraculous. We have also experienced homeopathy first-hand. It cured my life-long asthma and transformed our son from a developmentally delayed infant who qualified for early intervention services into a toddler whose language acquisition is far in advance of his chronologic age.

    It is a pity more Americans do not know about or, in some cases, even have access to this wonderful therapy that has tremendous capacity to heal without causing harm.

  58. Mr. Anderson,

    Thank you for the courage to put out a good word for homeopathy. As a practitioner of homeopathy for 30 years, and past president of the American Institute of Homeopathy, the oldest, extant, medical organization in the United States (1844), I have promoted homeopathy with my patients, friends and the colleagues who are willing to listen.

    Homeopathy could part of the solution to the current healthcare crisis; it is evidence based (if you want to look at the evidence unbiasedly); it is safe; it is clinically effective and cost efffective.

    I hope more seriously, and level headed, journalists are willing to follow your example. Thank you again.

  59. Stephanie Fauber

    I have used homeopathy successfully for years on both myself and my animal companions. I also use chiropractic and ortho-bionomy both for myself and for my animals. I use acupuncture as well although I have not used that on my critters. I much prefer using healing modalities that strengthen rather than weaken the vital force of the body. I would rather give my dog who had a tooth abscess a small dose of a homeopathic remedy which did heal the abscess than have her endure anesthesia, cutting, stitching and the recovery from the same. I believe that allopathic medicine has its place. I simply believe in using the most gentle method that will work.

  60. Since I have been a patient of a Naturopath for over 20 years, I had been exposed to the value of homeopathy from time to time. Only in the last two years, have I begun to study and practice homeopathy. I was able to attend several workshops with Dr. Glen Dupree from Louisiana, who is a Homeopathic Veterinarian. Having raised and trained horses for over 40 years, I was plagued by expensive and sometimes ineffectual allopathic veterinary care. We have been truly amazed with the results we’ve seen in treating our animals, as well as our family and friends with Homeopathy – at VERY LITTLE cost! It has been effective enough for me to be very comfortable not being able to afford health insurance!

  61. Thanks for highlighting homeopathy with this article and your blog commentary.

    Our current medical system can be improved through the inclusion of supportive non-invasive CAM modalities such as homeopathy! I am grateful to live in a society where emergency medicine and very powerful drugs are available when needed, but they are not the place to begin for every complaint. Through homeopathic care, many acute and chronic illnesses can be relieved, including some that have few options for treatment within conventional care.

    I use homeopathy for myself and my family as well as my clients, and encourage others to give it a try by consulting a certified homeopath. There is a directory of nationally certified homeopaths at :

  62. Mairead

    So many have already said it so eloquently! Homeopathy is affordable, but most importantly, it works! Along with a healthy lifestyle, you can learn to use remedies to treat acute illness and injuries, dental work, etc. giving you a lot of control over your life, rather than having to rely on going to the doctor for everything. However, a caring homeopath (and you’ll find that the average apt lasts 30-60 min so you will be heard!) is critical to chronic prescribing…. if you have challenging health issues, why not give it a try, you will more than likely never go back to allopathy… I was blessed to have found homeopathy in 1985 and continue to use it for myself, my family, friends, pets, even my goldfish have benefited!

  63. Cindy Rose, Nutritionist

    Greetings Clyde,
    I have practiced homeopathy medicine since I was in my twenties. I raised my 3 children using my natural healing instincts with homeopathy medicine and they were never sick, except for chicken pox. I am not traditional trained, but I give my close friends suggestions about what might help. I ask lots of questions about how they feel, when did they first notice a change, and any other information they can share. Our body is a powerful healing machine. It’s as simple as just listen to it, it tells us everything. For instance, if you just eat or drank something that did not agree with your body, it tells you in not uncertain terms. You might pass gas, sneeze, cough, itch, pass out, headache, upset stomach, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, sleepy, etc. We need to get back to old fashion medicine. Find the cause, not treat just the symptoms. Thank you.

  64. Dianna Medea CCH

    Thank you for providing this worldwide forum on homeopathy — the medicine of the 21st century.

    In 1988, homeopathy saved my life; today, I am a certified classical homeopath.

    In my practice, I have witnessed the miracle of homeopathy over and over, most recently a pregnancy in a 35-year-old woman who resorted to fertility treatments a decade ago.
    For the first, I watched a stray cat’s large neck wound heal over two weeks after ingesting homeopathic Calendula, the marigold plant.
    And Arnica IS a “wonder drug”, although it’s a plant too.

    I am not at all worried about the Swine/H1N1 flu this fall, for myself or my patients. None of us use anywhere near our $4,100 health-care budget allotment, yet Health Canada regulations prevent me from importing homeopathic remedies for my practice. Canada remains quite close-minded to homeopathy, but Canadians are coming around slowly — and are better for it. Just read through the above attestations.

    I love homeopathy.

    • Dear Clyde: Since so many people are writing to you about their positive response to homeopathic treatment and their desire for homeopathy to be included more frequently in medical care, your readers will be happy to know that there is a group of 40 physicians (many of whom are affiliated with top medical schools and teaching hospitals) who have written a white paper which they will present to congress in the near future. The paper outlines important shifts in the framework of medicine to get the American Healthcare system on the right track. Included within the paper is their strong support for the integration of homeopathy in medicine. This support is based on homeopathy’s track record of safety, effectiveness, availability and low cost.

  65. Srinivas Chaliki

    My dad has been using homeopathy for his chronic gastric ailments for 25 years. He taught me the basics. I learned more from British Institute of Homeopathy. I have been using homeopathy and acupressure techniques on my kids ever since they are born. They are now 6 and 3. They have never been to a doctor except for their regular checkups and Immunizations. I wonder why such great medicine as homeopathy is not part of the mainstream practice.


    i wish Mr. Obama will consider homeopathy within the proposed health care reform. there is nothing safer , effective and cheap. i am a pediatrician and i have used homeopathy as my first choice of treatment for over 30 years.
    maybe the Queen of England serve as an example to our government. She has her own homeopath, for years.

  67. Janice Elliott

    I started using homeopathy about 15 years ago for my cat and seeing how well it worked for her, I thought why not me too, at the time I had HBP, it worked for me too. So, I and my daughters have been using homeopathic remedies ever since, a better or more useful protocol we could not find. My latest cat has just recovered, from an infection in his tooth that spread to his sinuses, using homeopathy. We didn’t tell him about the placebo effect, most conventional people say is the reason it works, he just knows it works and comes eagerly for his meds.

  68. Karin Cseak, DO

    I’m a general practitioner and have relied on homeopathy (and osteopathic manipulation) for treating the majority of my patients. I use conventional pharmaceuticals when they are necessary, but the vast majority of my patients end up on less medicines (or none) by the time they have been treated with homeopathy for a year. This is a most profound system of medicine, and it is good to see if finally getting some positive press. Thanks!

  69. Barbara Henrickson

    Homeopathy is our sole source of healthcare. It has cured my son of ADHD (which conventional medicine says is incurable) and has permanently removed his depression with suicidal tendencies. With such a powerful option available to the world, it amazes me that more people do not take advantage of it. It is very inexpensive with no side effects. We have had wonderful experiences with it!

  70. I discovered homeopathy when my 10 month old son developed his first ear infection. After 2 different antibiotics, his gut was a mess but his ear infection hadn’t budged. Desperate, I turned to an anthroposophical MD who used homeopathy. She gave him a white powder that fixed everything and my personal journey with vibrational medicine began. With some friends, I helped create the Atlantic Academy of Classical Homeopathy (AACH) in Manhattan in the late 80s. We invited MDs from all over the world (India, England, Brazil), as well as US practitioners, to teach us. The seminars were a profound success, training many of the people now practicing.

    In 1987, my four year old son was about to undergo surgery to repair a congenital hydrocele that had become aggravated. At the time, I was attending an ongoing seminar on Materia Medica taught by Roger Morrison, MD of the Hahnemann Clinic in California. Thank God, my son needed a remedy starting with the letter “C” and not the letter “Z,” or he would have had the surgery. He needed calcarea carbonica, his constitutional remedy. After understanding that he matched this remedy exactly, I gave him a dose and within 5 days his hydrocele completely resolved (all fluid was reabsorbed and never returned).

    I have recommended the use of many remedies over the years…for him, myself, massage clients, friends…and watched other miracles happen through the use of the correct infinitesimal succussed dose made from various animals, vegetables and minerals that are the basis of homeopathic remedies. All that can go wrong with our natures can be cured by substances found on this planet. Going back to basics–utilizing the brilliance of Samuel Hahnemann–is the way forward. Homeopathy is this way.

  71. Barbara

    My family has relied on homeopathic care for the last 16 years. How we found homeopathy is a familiar story. When my son was three he had chronic ear infections. As soon as he finished one round of antibiotics, the infection would return and his pediatrician would prescribe another. After about a year of this, a friend suggested I take my son to a local homeopath. Homeopathy cured the ear infections – rapidly, gently and permanently. This was both amazing and satisfying – and a great relief. Since then, homeopathy has greatly help my family through illnesses, large and small. Homeopathy makes so much sense!

  72. Patti Flynn

    My Mom introduced homeopathic medicine to our family via her search for help with rhuematoid arthritis 30 years ago and remains free from this crippling disease. I am so thankful for this medical knowledge!! We simply must preserve our right to chose the method of healthcare for our bodies. We cannot let the pharmaceutical companies convince the medical community and our governments to legislate their products as the only solution.

  73. I “converted” to homeopathic treatment in 1994. It helped me immensely with a host of chronic symptoms that significantly impacted my life. It is truly a patient-centered approach to care, lacking side effects or beaucratic systems.

    As a mental health professional, I see many patients who suffer with the chronic effects of trauma, depression and anxiety. Many people are limited by the treatment paradigm of medication, when they could be significantly helped by a carefully selected homeopathic remedy.

  74. Christine Mercante

    Homeopathy was a life saver for me and my family. I was 32 years old when I developed severe depression. I was hospitalized and given medications and released. I used medications for about 2 years when I came upon a book about Homepathy in the library. I found an MD who used Homeopathy and he gradually introduced the remedy and weaned me off the antidepressant. I treated my children from ear infections to strep throat(without knowing it was strep until the test results came in). I raised 4 children on it and they still call me for remedies when they get sick. I have studied extensively since that time and still educate myself. You can never know everything about the science of Homeopathy. It is so extensive. It is best to go to a very experienced Homeopath for treatment of cronic conditions. There are some instances where you can treat things at home your self with books that are available to the general public. I have saved so much money in the past 29 years. I have difficulty spending $1,250 in my flexible spending account every year. It is just myself and my husband and one colledge student at home currently. I would not trade Homeopathy for anything. I know the day will come when I have to take some medication or die, but I am keeping that as far away as possible. I am 59 years old and do not take drugs and neither does my husband and sex is still good! No need for Viagra here! I wish people were more open minded to alternative medicine. I’m glad I was at the time.

  75. Ruth Beachy

    I am a mother of nine children who has used homeopathic remedies for the bumps, bruises, colds and flus, etc. that life with children brings. I have experienced many wonderful results, after administering homeopathic remedies: a screaming, colicky baby immediately falling asleep; a toddler’s constant, hacking cough disappearing overnight, a young man’s severe headache being relieved; thrush in an infant’s mouth disappearing; little to no soreness following childbirth; excruciating hemorrhoids being relieved in a day or two. The list goes on. I usually try alternative therapies such as homeopathy first, then go to a medical doctor if necessary. I really wish that homeopathy would be recognized as a mainstream health option, because it is extremely frustrating as a mother with several children in public schools to be forced to take the children to a medical doctor simply to get a note for their absence from school. The schools will only accept notes from medical doctors, but usually the most effective help is to be found with alternative forms of medicine, such as homeopathy.

  76. In 1991 I fell on ice and sustained a head injury. I found myself with no taste or smell along with a loss of short term memory. I was encouraged to go see a Homeopath when conventional medicine didn’t help. Since that time I have used homeopathy when ever I have a physical or mental problem always with good results. My only complaint is that most health plans do not cover my visits to my homeopath. When is this going to change?

  77. Dear Clyde,
    Thank you for starting this conversation.
    After using and practicing homeopathy for the past 15 years, I have seen amazing results. Little children with sever ear infections, have been on 5 or 6 sets of anti biotics and the infection is still not going away, a few doses of the right remedy and the child is fine. Or adults who come in for depression or anxiety and don’t like the side effects of the medications they are on. I have seen them flourish without the use of their old RX drugs, just by using homeopathy. I’m still amazed today they these little white pills can do so much. I remember about a year ago a female patient came in for allergies, she has just gotten a puppy and her family loved the dog. So it was either help her with her allergies to her new dog or bye bye to the puppy. The remedies did their work, but she also told me 6 weeks later that her violent nightmares that have been haunting her since she was a child have suddenly disappeared. In 2003 Louis Klein and myself Co-Founded the Los Angeles School of Homeopathy. This year we just opened up our LASH Clinic, our goal is to reach low-income families, women & children in shelters and HIV patients. If you could help us get the word out there it would be fabulous.
    I wish you well.
    Stay well,

  78. Nancy Cobble

    I am a 66 year old retired nurse who learned about homeopathy four years ago. After spending my entire working career in Western medicine, I had seen for years the effects of treating symptoms with drugs that created other symptoms that got treated with more drugs. I quit my job and went back to school to become a certifed homeopath. From personal experience, homeopathy works. The remedies are inexpensive, safe and effective.

  79. Dear Clyde,
    Thank you for providing this forum so that people can share their experience of homeopathy. I am an aerospace engineer by training and worked for a large US company for 30 years in that field. I came across homeopathy in 1995 and since then i had never had to use allopathic medicine, because first my immune system became balanced and stronger, and second i do not get sick even colds and flues are rare. I retired a few months ago from my engineering job so that i could fully dedicate my time to serve others with this beautiful health care system called homeopathy.
    I graduated from American Medical College of Homeopathy (AMCH) in Jan 2006 and have been practicing since. Each day in my practice i see people who have struggled for years to overcome chronic conditions without success with the Western medicine (allopathic medicine). They come to a homeopath for help and they leave with hope and a feeling inside that finally there is something out there that can help and heal them. I have used homeopathy for myself and continue to use it when i need to. This is the most gentle yet powerful medicine i know. it is extremely cost effective as well as extremely powerful in healing of various diseases. and another beautiful part of it is that it is completely GREEN. Medicines are tested on humans and not animals without an environmental footprint.
    Thank you again.
    Reza Sharifi

  80. At times, homeopathy has seemed like a miracle potion to our family. It has saved our cat’s life when everything else failed.
    I encourage people to explore this safe and effective healing modality.

  81. Homeopathy is a safe, effective,and inexpensive approach to healing. I have had much success with this medical discipline. I highly recommend that everyone should consider this medicinal therapy.

  82. For 10 years homeopathy has been the medicine of choice for our family, healing colds, flu, hormonal imbalances, acne and cystic fibrosis. It is an amazing tool for good health. It would be nice to see the Health Freedom Acts passed in many states, allowing Certified Homeopaths to practice legally.

  83. Nancy Nelson

    As an Advanced Nurse Practitioner for women’s health, I have found that homeopathy has become my first line of defense in providing proven results for my client’s health needs and wellness.
    Homeopathy has changed my way of practicing medicine. Not only has homeopathy been a major cost-saving for my clients and their insurance providers, it is changing the way that women choose to provide health care for their themselves and their families.

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